Centralized PLM and EPC enabling the digital operator

Jawwy is a mobile provider in Saudi Arabia focused on a fully digital experience, from sign-up through to post-sales service.

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A DIGITAL-FIRST in Saudi Arabia

Jawwy is a new mobile plan from stc (Saudi Telecom Company). It’s digital-first, works off an app; customers can personalize, monitor and manage their plan in real time. Kloudville PLM and EPC is at the heart of the new digital platform utilized to offer completely new ways of becoming aware and knowing more, buying and receiving, using and managing, and being cared for in the Jawwy plan. With simplified pricing, bundles, and offers, combined with a lightening-fast shopping cart experience, Kloudville EPC helps maximize value to Jawwy customers. Jawwy represents real experience innovation in the industry. It’s the first service of its kind in the MENA region.

JAWWY - MVNO Saudi Arabia Mobile Virtual Network - Implementation Overview

  • Catalog driven ordering of all channels
  • Centralized EPC serving all channels with real-time catalog and chart services, i.e. eCommerce, mobile App, etc
  • Publishing EPC data to non-customer facing systems
  • Rule and policy enforcements. Kloudville provides the rules engine functionality evaluating all business rules related to the products, offers and portfolio.
  • Management over end-to-end product lifecycle
  • Catalog integration to Ericsson, MATRIXX, 6D, and Adobe Experience Manager.