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Kloudville Telecom 360

Embrace the Revolutionary Shift from a Communications Service Provider to a Digital Service Provider

Kloudville’s Telecom 360 is a Cloud-Based Business Support System (BSS) Solution that Addresses Business-to-Business (B2B2X) Process Automation for Telecommunications Service Providers

Drive Growth in B2B, Digital Services and IoT
Run in the Private, Hybrid and Public Cloud
Get a 360-Degree View of Customer and Sales

Telecom 360 Automates, Optimizes, Simplifies and Accelerates the Entire B2B and Wholesale Quote-to-Cash Process

Enterprise-Grade Platform
Designed Specifically for B2B & B2B2X
Flexible Contract Management
Powerful Order Management
Out-of-the-Box Catalog Multi-Offer and CPQ

A Comprehensive Feature Set ...

  • Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ)
  • Enterprise Product Catalog (EPC)
  • Order Management
  • Omni-channel Support
  • Many Additional Features

... Guarantees a Seamless and Effective B2B2X Functionality

... Guarantees a Seamless and Effective B2B2X Functionality

Enterprise-Grade Platform with High Performance, Availability and Security

  • Ensure reliable availability, performance, data privacy and protection for you, your partners and your customers supported by a robust and secure infrastructure
  • Our cloud-based scalability ensures that Telecom 360 grows and adapts alongside you
  • It delivers a reliable and future-proof solution for your online marketplace and ecosystem needs

Out-of-the Box Catalog Multi-Offer and CPQ

  • Instantly launch any product or service with business process and catalog-driven quotation and ordering platform
  • Telecom 360 supports goods, services, digital and partner products, sale, rental and subscriptions
  • It lets you build complex quotes, including design, feasibility, multi-location, country, currency; bulk imports
  • You can easily define standard and bespoke offers, products, pricing, campaigns and collateral

Designed Specifically for B2B2X

  • Manage the entire order-to-cash process with a solution that is designed to support any B2B and B2B2X scenario
  • Enjoy a 360 degree view of the customer, including profile, contacts, locations, subscriptions, opportunities, quotes, order, issues and contracts
  • Create multi-party multi-location multi-currency orders, contract pricing, margin analysis, customer specific payment terms, line-item notes and renaming, bulk order import, bulk changes, inter-related orders and more

Powerful Order Management

  • Manage customer and service orders with ease
  • Decompose customer order into service order, digital orders and inventory orders
  • Multiple features such as move, add, change and delete (MACD) services
  • Easily perform issue and case management
  • Manage mult-party, multi-location, multi-currency orders

Flexible Contract Management

  • Create and manage customer contracts with customizable business approval process. Define and track product commitments and contract revenue
  • Create, approve and renew contracts
  • Manage products, terms and conditions
  • Customer contracts with pricing, commitment levels, SLAs and KPIs
  • Support multi-product, multi-location contracts and pricing