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Kloudville Marketplace 360

Unleash your digital marketplace potential, accelerate business expansion, and explore new revenue

Kloudville Marketplace 360 is a Powerful Solution for Establishing and Managing Your Own Digital Marketplace and Partner Ecosystem

Streamline Your Operations
Enhance Your Customer Experience
Expand your B2B & B2B2X Footprint

Marketplace 360 Establishes Multi-Vendor Marketplaces Where Sellers Can Offer Their Products or Services to Customers on a Unified Online Platform

Enterprise-Grade Platform
Unified Customer Journey
Comprehensive Portfolio Management
Out-of-the-Box, Self-Service Partner Portal

A Comprehensive Feature Set ...

  • Product Catalog
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Payment Processing
  • Many Additional Features

... Guarantees Optimal Marketplace Operation

... Guarantees Optimal Marketplace Operation

Enterprise-Grade Platform with High Performance, Availabilty, and Security

  • Ensure reliable availability, performance, data privacy and protection for you, your partners and your customers – supported by a robust and secure infrastructure
  • Our cloud-based scalability ensures that Marketplace 360 grows and adapts alongside you
  • It delivers a reliable and future-proof solution for your online marketplace and ecosystem needs

Comprehensive Portfolio Management

  • Empower your sales and marketing with innovative offerings reacting to emerging market trends
  • Manage your product portfolio with a comprehensive product modelling environment
  • Promote your products and services either standalone or as part of a bundle with complementary partner offerings
  • Maintain complete control over what is presented to your customers as your partners manage their own product portfolio independently

Configurable Fit-to-Purpose Platform

  • Easily configure to meet the unique requirements of various vertical
  • Customize B2B, B2B2X or service-based marketplace per your needs
  • Enjoy extreme flexibility, designed to support a variety of business models
  • Rapidly expand your reach to quickly explore new revenue streams

Out-of-the-Box, Self-Service Partner Portal and Onboarding

  • Simplify defining, managing and delivering products and services for your partners, enabling faster visibility and availability to your customers
  • Utilize a comprehensive view of their portfolio, for a holistic end-to-end experience
  • Gain complete insight into your partners’ performance and marketplace operations
  • Identify trending sales and capitalize on new revenue opportunities with real-time data and analysis

Unified Customer Journey

  • Ensure smooth coordination of each party’s responsibilities in the sales process by efficiently distributing complex customer orders to individual partners
  • This seamless integration enhances the overall buying experience for your customers