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Kloudville EPC/PLM 360

Innovate faster with our TMF accredited EPC & PLM solution that simplifies managing and publishing product portfolios

An End-to-End Product Lifecycle Automation Tool with a Flexible Master Catalog that Propagates Products and Services Data to all New and Legacy Systems

Enhance NPS with 360° Customer Visibility
Reduce Manual Intervention
Rapid Product Specifications and Pricing

Manage Product Lifecycle and Business Processes from Ideation to Definition, Launch and Retirement

Enterprise-Grade Platform
Designed Specifically for B2B2X
Digital-first Sales Omnichannel Experience
Flexible Master Catalog
Out-of-the-Box EPC and PLM Design

A Comprehensive Feature Set ...

  • Full Costing Module for Visibility into Profitability and Pricing
  • Centralized Shopping Cart
  • Standardized Modelling Including Product, Service, Resources
  • Rules and Policy Enforcement
  • Many Additional Features

... Guarantees a Seamless and Effective EPC & PLM Functionality

... Guarantees a Seamless and Effective EPC & PLM Functionality

Enterprise-Grade Platform with High Performance, Availability, and Security

  • Ensure reliable availability, performance, data privacy and protection for you, your partners and your customers – supported by a robust and secure infrastructure
  • Our cloud-based scalability ensures that EPC/PLM 360 grows and adapts alongside you
  • It delivers a reliable and future-proof solution for your BSS and digital transformation needs

Out-of-the-Box EPC and PLM Design

  • Instantly launch any product or service with a business process and catalog-driven quotation and ordering platform
  • EPC/PLM 360 supports goods, services, digital and partner products, sale, rental and subscriptions
  • You can perform price overrides, costing and margin analysis (with approval workflows)
  • EPC/PLM 360 easily integrates to salesforce automation (SFA) platforms and other CPQ solutions, such as B2C platforms

Designed Specifically for B2B2X

  • Manage the entire order-to-cash process with a solution that is designed to support any B2B and B2B2X scenario
  • EPC/PLM 360 lets you leverage the built-in support for CPQ and marketplace portals
  • Multi-party, multi-location, multi-currency orders, contract pricing, margin analysis, customer specific payment terms, line-item notes and renaming, bulk order import, bulk changes and interrelated order orchestration

Digital First Sales Omnichannel Customer Experience

  • Support any channel by allowing interactions to begin in one channel and end in another
  • With EPC/PLM 360, you can obtain 360 degree visibility into customer profiles, opportunities, quotes, orders, contracts, cases, subscriptions, billing, projects, appointments, interactions and notes
  • The solution lets you perform broad pricing and costing support, including fixed, quantity, contract and attribute-based pricing
  • EPC/PLM 360 manages availability, eligibility, validation, upsell/cross-sell and upgrade/downgrade rules

Flexible Master Catalog

  • Deploy a flexible master catalog to propagate products and services data to all new and legacy systems
  • EPC/PLM 360 lets you use master catalog data and publish it to slave catalogs
  • The master catalog propagates products and services data to all new and legacy system
  • It can consume data from source catalogs and federate to channel