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Accelerate your revenue, innovate, automate, and expand your digital commerce capabilities with a single platform - Business 360

Business 360 - Modernize and Monetize your business through Digital Transformation

All management applications, integrated into a single solution

  • Based on multiple applications and management modules
  • Allows creation and optimization of flows adapted to business processes
  • Pre-integrated with e-commerce systems and payment gateways
  • Totally scalable to the evolution of the growth of each company
  • Future-proof solution, prepared for the challenges of the future

Business 360 – Solution Overview (word)

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A solution designed for all companies, all sizes and all business markets

Designed for companies of any size – Business 360 offers many key advantages with support for any business sector: Distribution – Trade – Production – Healthcare – Transport – Services – Real estate – E-commerce

  • Speed of implementation and integration
  • Affordable, fixed monthly and predictable cost
  • Without any kind of investment in infrastructure or equipment
  • Allows integration with existing software
  • Totally scalable to the evolution of the growth of each company

Kloudville – Business 360 Solution and Use Case Overview – (PPT)


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Integrate, connect, and expand with the Business 360 App Store

Kloudville provides easy to use Business 360 Apps:

  • Enable/Disable Kloudville Modules based on your business needs
  • Install/Uninstall Adaptors to standard 3rd party systems
  • Install Adaptors to your back-office for complete business integration
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