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Kloudville CPQ 360

Delight Your Enterprise customers with Full Support for Complex and Bespoke Quotations

Business-Process Driven Workflow Tool that Manages All Aspects of Simple to Complex Quotations, Including Feasibility Approvals and Quotation Delivery

Complex Proposals for Large Enterprises
Effortlessly Define Products and Offers
Manage RFP Responses and Proposals

Create Quotes, Automates Order Fulfillment with Integrated End-to-End Project Management

Enterprise-Grade Platform
Efficient Customer Management
Flexible Contract Management
Unique User Experience
Out-of-the-Box Catalog Multi-Offer and CPQ

A Comprehensive Feature Set ...

  • Configurable Use Case-based Workflow with Ad-hoc Tasking Support
  • Policy Enforcement to Define Constraints and Approval Levels
  • Powerful Order Manager to manage customer and service orders with ease
  • Analytics to Evaluate Quote Acceptance Rates, Loss Analysis and Deal Profitability
  • Many Additional Features

... Guarantees a Seamless and Effective CPQ Functionality

... Guarantees a Seamless and Effective CPQ Functionality

Enterprise-Grade Platform with High Performance, Availability and Security

  • Ensure reliable availability, performance, data privacy and protection for you, your partners and your customers supported by a robust and secure infrastructure
  • Our cloud-based scalability ensures that CPQ 360 grows and adapts alongside you
  • It delivers a reliable and future-proof solution for your expanding enterprise needs

Out-of-the Box Catalog Multi-Offer and CPQ

  • Instantly launch any product or service with a business process and catalog-driven quotation and ordering platform
  • CPQ 360 supports goods, services, digital and partner products, sale, rental and subscriptions
  • It lets you build complex quotes, including design, feasibility, multi-location, country, currency; bulk imports
  • You can easily define standard and bespoke offers, products, pricing, campaigns and collateral

Unique User Experience (UX)

  • Offer all channels guidance as to the most appropriate offers for them and their client
  • CPQ 360 provides support through the configuration of the best offers
  • Use the AI engine to make recommendations
  • The comparison feature lets you find the find the best offer for your clients
  • Leverage ordering history and patterns to suggest promotions and up-sells

Flexible Contract Management

  • Create and manage customer contracts with customizable business approval process. Define and track product commitments and contract revenue
  • CPQ 360 lets you create, approve and renew contracts
  • You can manage products, terms and conditions
  • The solution supports customer contracts with pricing, commitment levels, SLAs and KPIs
  • It supports multi-product, muti-location and contract pricing

Efficient Customer Management

  • Improve Automation in Customer Management
  • CPQ 360 includes process-driven lifecycle management that lets you always provide the right product to your customers
  • You can gain 360 degree visibility into all customer data and interactions
  • Obtain instant and cross-functional access to a customer’s profile, locations, quotes, orders, projects, issue tickets and billing details
  • CPQ 360 exposes APIs to client self-service service channels for a genuine omni-channel experience