Product Lifecycle Management

Define products and services. Manage customer shopping experience



Keep all products and services within a catalog organized by defining the life cycle of each item, from introduction to discontinuation. You have complete control of when an item is viewable in the catalog and/or orderable by configuring the publish-to-catalog, orderable, and remove-from-catalog dates for all products and services. An orderable date set for the future will display ‘Coming Soon’ in the catalog, and setting a discontinuation date will display ‘Discontinued’ in the catalog when the date arrives. This feature reduces mistakes for businesses that handle large volumes of orders.

Pricing Management

You can define pricing rules for each individual product and service or create rules that apply to all products/services in a category. Pricing rules can be a flat price or a formula, such as a percent discount on MSRP or cost-based pricing, with the option to create completely customized pricing formulas.

Pricing rules can be applied to product categories, campaigns, customer segments or promotional periods by being available only for specific dates of a sale. Sale prices are highlighted in the catalog with promotional markers to draw customers’ attention to deals. You can also create price incentives with pricing rules for quantity discounts.