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Kloudville May 2020 Release Highlights

June 5, 2020 David Keller

Kloudville is proud to announce the new May 2020 release of our Business 360-in-a-Box application suite, packed with many new features and enhancements that will make running your business even easier. Not a customer yet? Not a problem, our free trial is just one click away!

We’ve handpicked some features to highlight, we hope you find it useful.

Customer Management App

Global Search

You can now search for any business and customer data from anywhere in our UI. Just click on search icon in the application bar and type what you are looking for, no need to switch to Order App to find that customer order. Stay where you are and be more productive. This was one of the top customers requested feature, so here it is. Enjoy, and tell us what you think.

Find this Note

Have you added notes to some customer order or quote (or it was an opportunity?) but do not remember exactly which? We are here to help; you can now use our notes search from the customer profile. Just type whatever you remember, and we will find all notes with matching content. Like this feature? Drop us a note about it.

Catalog and Product Lifecycle Management App

Coupons Enhancements

We have added a slew of useful features to our coupon management capabilities. For example, you can now create coupons that apply discounts to shipping charges. Another customer-requested feature is to allow coupon bundles, so now you can create a coupon that provides a product discount and free shipping by combining two coupons into one coupon bundle. Additionally, you can now create a coupon that will add free or discounted products to the cart when the user applies this coupon during checkout.

PLM Notifications

For our Enterprise customers, we added the ability to configure product expiry notifications. Product managers can receive SMS or email notifications days in advance of products, bundles or promotions that are due to expire. Does your company have multiple product teams and product lines? Not a problem, you can configure product ownership by catalog and product line, so notifications will be sent to the appropriate audience. Like this feature? Drop us an email or text.

PLM Publishing Window

Another great enterprise feature: customers who are using Kloudville PLM360 for managing their catalog across the entire enterprise and publishing it to other systems, can now define availability calendar for each participating system. Simply create a system availability calendar using our new Shared Calendar feature and assign this calendar to the desired publishing phase in PLM configuration. The PLM publishing process will automatically delay phase execution based on calendar availability. Need to re-schedule delayed executions? Not a problem, you can change the scheduled date or force immediate execution for each individual project. So, no more waiting up till midnight to start publishing manually, we are here to do it for you.

Catalog Rules

Our Enterprise customers can now configure product and price availability and eligibility rules in addition to upsell, cross-sell, choose accessories and addons rules. During shopping and cart composition, our Rule Engine will evaluate all applicable catalog rules and will provide only relevant products and prices for the user to select from. This is a great feature that will allow our customers to simplify management of complex product offering across many markets and channels.

Subscription Management App

Decomposition Rules

Another great feature for our enterprise customers. For subscriptions that include multiple items (like bundles or products with addons), we now allow configuring decomposition rules for activation and cancellation processing logic for each individual item in the subscription. Subscription management will automatically decompose subscription into multiple activation or cancellations flows and processes and synchronize overall processing across all items.

Let’s not Forget the Geeks

Cloud Cluster

We are proud to announce that the Kloudville Business 360-in-a-Box solution can be configured to run as a multi-server cluster in AWS cloud. For customers with high volume transactions, cluster deployment can provide higher availability and way more processing power. So, if you are power hungry (and have deep pockets), we want to hear from you.

Batch Processing

Another great integration feature: you can now configure batch processing steps to connect and extract data from external database. We support any JDBC compliant database, great for integration with legacy systems where API integration is not available. Use this feature for automatically importing orders, syncing inventory, or extracting data for analytical processing.

Shared Calendars

In this release, we added the ability to create and manage Shared Calendars.  You can use the same shared calendar across teams, projects, and some availability dependent functions (like PLM publishing).

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