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Kloudville EPC and PLM360 are now part of a TMF certified solution

Kloudville & stc Partnership

Kloudville Inc. is proud to announce that Kloudville’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM 360) is now part of a solution which has received “Implementation Conformance” certification from the TM Forum Reference Deloitte Middle East – PLM Digital Transformation Program – Concept to Market Journey – Saudi Telecom Company (stc) – Customer Business Unit. stc’s PLM digital transformation enables a catalog driven architecture, with Kloudville as the Enterprise Product Catalog (EPC) and PLM solution, transforming the end-to-end business process for the launch and change of the stc product portfolio.


For further details, please download “Analytics Driven PLM.”

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Lifecycle Management of Telecom B2B and Wholesale Services

Manage sales, order, and contract management for any sales channel of B2B and wholesale telecom services.
Customer and Sales Order Management
Catalog, CPQ, and Configuration Management
Resource Management
Contract Management
Billing and Reconciliation Management
Project and Delivery Management
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Telecom 360 and PLM 360

Migrating to digital paradigm utilizing Kloudville Business 360 Apps for Communication Service Providers.

“Kloudville Telecom 360 (with PLM 360) is currently being positioned at several leading CSPs and other vertical industries, where product complexity is out pacing business performance and are increasingly in need of a wholesale digital change in their PLM driven process.” said Zarar Rana, CEO & President of Kloudville.


“With the introduction of Enterprise Telecom grade PLM 360, and our 20-year pedigree in delivering agile Catalog driven Order Management solutions for Service Providers, we are clearly providing a new era of Product Catalog Management solutions for a variety of vertical industry businesses from which they are able to realize optimal benefits in months, in areas that they’ve struggled to address previously for years.”

Kloudville EPC360 and PLM360 are in a TMF certified solution
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